If you worship anything, worship change. It is the only true constant in this world. If you can understand and respect change, the world belongs to you.

Let the hurt go.

Don’t be the hurt person who hurts other hurt people because you’re hurt. You will do nothing but continue to repeat the same toxic cycles and add onto the pain that’s already there. Leave the pain with who hurt you and receive the love waiting for you from who chooses you.

Understanding balance

When you give and give and give and give, you learn what it means to be drained. You learn what isn’t sustainable. You can find balance, you can give and be fed if reciprocity is what you truly want. Balance involves giving without expectation of something being given in return. But most importantly giving without giving your all. You have to allow room for them to love you in return.

Love vs. Transaction

Sometimes people don’t love you. They think they do but they love that you’re able to fulfill their needs. People think it’s love but it becomes a transaction. Stop fulfilling their needs and then see how much they love you then.