Happy International Women’s Day.

To the beautiful women of the world:

Your nature is god‘s gift. You are powerful because you give without receipts. A backbone to a spineless society. You are a force—nothing moves without you. Innovators/healers/hustlers. More than your power to endure, we celebrate your healing.

Vulnerability is a must..

Love requires vulnerability. You truly have to give the other person the ability to hurt you IF you want to connect with them on a level beyond the superficial. The only thing you can do is work on your discernment and curate a list of deal-breakers to lessen your chances of getting burned. But ultimately you have to be vulnerable. Heartbreak is ultimately inevitable though, and wolves in sheep’s clothing are everywhere. This is life.

Teach accountability don’t avoid it.

Parents will “protect” their daughters from men they allowed their son to grow up to be. We will always have to teach our daughters to be careful of men if we do not teach our sons how to treat women. While giving your daughter a crash course on “how to behave” in order to not be raped by men teach your sons about consent and they’re not entitled to a woman’s body!

Sidebar: People don’t want to teach accountability. They’d rather accept that people are evil and teach others to avoid them. Makes me sick.

Solange Knowles

I want to be able to just look at the trajectory of my work at this present time and say, “Hey, I had a singular vision. This is the way that I saw the world and wanted to see the world, and I feel proud of that.”