Inexpensive & Healthy Skincare Routine


Looking for an inexpensive healthy home remedy skincare routine that works?

Well look no further.

1. Use 365 Olive Oil as Makeup Remover. Only $6 at Whole Foods

  • Has Vitamin E
  • Anti-aging
  • Doesn’t clog pores

2. Use Alaffia Soap as your Cleanser. Only $2.49 at Whole Foods.

  • I replaced all my harsh & heavy chemical cleaners with this organic soap.

Tip: If you have nails use the palm of your hands (no finger tips) so you won’t irate your skin. 

3. Witch Hazel is for Acne. Only $2.88.

  • It’s also used for any Bacteria that was left on your skin after you cleansed your face.
  • This bad boy is my key secret. So shhh. lol.

4. STEP: 1 Use Indian Healing Clay as Skincare Mask. Only $6.65

  • The clay draws out toxins from the skin.
  • Also makes the skin softer.
  • And another thing it helps reduce the appearance of scars.

5. STEP: 2 Apple Cider Vinegar. Only $3.69

  • Helps reduce age spots.
  • Fights acne, pimples and blemishes.
  • Balances skins pH.
  • Fights wrinkles as well as removes toxins from the face.
  • After steps 1 & 2 are mixed apply it to your face.
  • Let it dry.

Tip: Don’t forget your neck & ears. 

6. Use Shea Butter as Moisturizer. Only $4.00 *varies by size and source* at Whole Foods.

  • This stuff is literally life changing.


What type of skin do you have?

  • Skin Type: Combination Skin
  • Oily T-Zone & Dry on forehead/and sides of my face.

Why use oil when you’re oily?

  • Oil tricks your body into thinking you’re already “oily” thus reduces oil production, whereas highly drying products works temporarily but makes you even oilier.

How long did you do this for? 

  • 30 days before sharing this but now I do it more regularly.

When did you start seeing a change?

  • After 2 weeks. Keep in mind that everyones different plus I added a lot of water intake.

Thanks for reading, & if you decide to try this tell me how it goes.

Keep me posted.

Magical Midway Thrill Park. Orlando, FL.

My family and I where driving when we stumbled upon Magical Midway Thrill Park after coming from dinner. We were at a red light when we seen something in the air and heard screaming. So we drove towards it to get a closer view of the action, which is when my sister dared me and my other sister to get on it. Me being the daredevil that I am, I was 100% down. So once getting to Magical Midway we struggled with finding parking but we were determined to do it, so we went around the block twice before coming back into their mini parking lot and found a spot. I can’t remember the price but I believe it was $75 for two people and that came with two Sling Shot shirts, a usb bracelet with your video on it and a discounted price for if you ever get on it again wherever you go in the world. Which is a pretty great deal if you ask me. Now to the more serious matters. All 3 of us where scared but for different reasons. My sister who dared us to do it saw other people do it and said she changes her mind we don’t have too, she wants us to live. That was cute but it was already a deal so we proceeded. My other sister was afraid because of the height. We were 180 feet in the air. This is the world’s largest Sling Slot so she had good reasoning. But me on the other hand I was afraid that my Wig would fly off lol. I know out of all the things I could’ve been sacred of. It would have been embarrassing to say the least. Because as many of you might know the Sling Shot is plastered all over the internet, Facebook especially. How would it look if I started with a wig and came down with out it? Plus I had my Cleo set it off braids underneath. It would be funny to everyone but me. So in the bottom right corner of the picture above you see I was holding onto my wig for dear life. She wasn’t glued down and it took time making her so I couldn’t have her just blowing in the wind. Besides that I had an amazing time so glade I could check it off my bucket list. I would definitely recommend giving it a go my sister on the other hand would not. She was so in shocked that when the ride was over the guy working the Sling Shot partially had to lift her out the chair.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Orlando, FL. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 3.33.41 PM

If you like medical oddities, history mysteries, and unique art then this is the place for you. Ripley’s is a great place for the whole family. Adults won’t be bored and the children will have plenty of things to touch and play with. My family and I spent about 2 hours here. We played with everything, read each and every display and took lots of pictures. The scavenger hunts, museum and tour games that they have on your phone coincides with the exhibit. The exhibits are colorfully illustrated plaques describing some of the odd things that Ripley discovered during his lifetime. I don’t personally think it’s a must-visit attraction in Orlando but it was great and entertaining for a rainy day plus the tickets were fairly cheap about 11 bucks per person.

Walt Disney World! Orlando, FL.

20631582_10203598659482425_878089669_n.jpgMy Disney’s Magic Kingdom experience was great. For it being my first time I was super excited spent the entire day there. It’s a prefect place to go with your family. I would recommend it more for young children but adults and older children would enjoy themselves as well. Even though it was crowded and it rained I enjoyed myself.  I went with my family and overall we had fun. I personally wouldn’t go back I’m more of a 6 Flags groupie but this was cool and I’m happy I experienced it.