Museum Of Ice Cream. Los Angeles, CA.


The museum is less a museum full of historical facts and more quirky fun art. I didn’t mind though but if you do then this isn’t the place for you. There were fun facts at each station though. It was a little disappointing in the Ice Cream department. It isn’t many Ice Cream choice to eat being that it’s the Museum of Ice Cream. Overall the museum was fun. It’s covered in mostly pink, and everything is really fun. They have this sprinkle pool that you might question whether or not to get in, just do it. My boyfriend and I went and he’s such a macho kind of guy, he still enjoyed it. We ended up taking 1000s of pictures because the ‘tour’ took us about 1.5 hours to get through all the rooms. Only down fall to it being kind of long to get through it wasn’t cool, it didn’t feel like the AC was on at all which was odd for a 90°+ day. The staff was super friendly! Tip: valet was only $6.00. To wrap things up this museum is an Instagram dream do not take it seriously it’s definitely just a fun cute place. It’s overhyped and a little pricey but I had fun so….