19478127_10203412291063331_436862930_n1.jpg10 Things About Our Trip To Jamaica

  1. Location matters

There are basically three main places to vacation in Jamaica… Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril. The airport is in Montego Bay so when you fly into Jamaica you fly into Montego Bay. Ocho Rios is 90 miles in one direction and Negril is 90 miles in the opposite direction (from the airport). So, with that being said we already have to take two flights getting to Jamaica so driving an extra 90 minutes to Ocho Rios or Negril when first touching down wasn’t ideal so we picked a resort in Montego Bay.

2. Be careful when buying things


Most of the things there were overpriced junk, I know it might sound harsh but it’s true. My boyfriend and I were practically harassed to look at their stuff. It’s okay to buy a souvenir but here they were extremely pushy. Which turned me off personally. I shouldn’t be harassed into buying something. There was this one lady who followed us around for a good 30 minutes saying, “buy form me buy from me.”


3. Jamaican = Friends


The resort employees are opposite from the street vendors. They were giving us places to go and not to go when it came to buying things. We made friends with one of the guys who worked at our resort. His name was Dane. He was the nicest of nice and went out of his way to greet us and spend time chatting with us.

One couple offered to take our photos for us when they heard us talking about wanting to do beach pictures. Her husband was a photographer and she said, “He can take your pictures!” I was floored at what an amazingly nice gesture this was for a couple who was on their honeymoon to offer up time out of their vacation to take our photos. We ended up doing a tradeoff where he took our pics and I took theirs. It could not have worked out any more perfect.

4.  It’s the land of the laid back.

The atmosphere was chill. That is the only way I know how to describe it. Nobody was in a rush. For the most part everyone stayed in their lane. We saw nothing but smiles.

5. The food.

19441325_10203412290863326_1761502893_n2.jpg 19511930_10203412291023330_416755818_n1.jpg

The food and drinks were great. I’m such a picky eater but I tired almost everything out here. I ate things I never would of dreamt of. Most of it was delicious and some wasn’t I’m glad I opened myself up to trying new things.

6. The resort

shc-256.jpgWe stayed at Sandals Montego Bay.  We originally had the Beachfront room but was upgraded to the Beachfront Honeymoon Butler room because of a mistake on their end. Which turned out great. We had a private pool, a king size bed, HD TV, walk-in shower, vanity mirror (y’all know I was in love with it) basically the works. Everything was super lavish. We even had our own personal butler with 24-hour room service. That wasn’t even the coolest thing. 20131203-_MG_1871.jpg

The best part was the snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and the clear bottom boat rides were all included in the all-inclusive package. I thought that was cool simply because those are things usually cost extra.

It was new an exciting experience for me because even though I’m Jamaican, I’ve learned so much about my culture and the traditions and the best part of it all was doing so with my boyfriend.




7. The Bob Marley Museum


The Bob Marley Museum was my favorite part of the enter trip. This was the former home of the reggae legend. Bob’s home is filled with rich memories and treasured mementos.






The tour included the Main House, Exhibition Hall, Theatre, Gift Shop and Café.

The rooms have been kept how Bob Marley had them while living there.


It’s a 75 minute tour so wear comfortable clothes and shoes, sunscreen and off. Do not do what I did lol I had on all black. They allowed tipping but only up to $10.00USD. The only downfall I feel was the fact that they didn’t allow videos but I got tons of photos so it’s all good. It was a max of 10 people on our tour but I believe a total of 15 people could go. They have a spot for parking as well. We was taking up by the bus they had. It was pretty cool, we seen goats along the way. Which if you know me you no I think I’m one so it was good being reunited with the family. Lol GOAT = Greatest Of All Time in case anyone was wondering.